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Welcome to the new website of Kim Briers Photography!

_MG_7515edit2bKim Briers has been travelling and capturing our beautiful planet extensively for many years. It was his love for “the wild” that took him into the nature photography direction

Kim was born in Hasselt, Belgium October 11th 1978. From childhood he has been a member of organizations like WWF. At the age of 15 he picked up scuba diving as a new hobby and got in touch with the wonderful underwater world of the Red Sea. After studying Art History he was active as a musician in several international bands like New York’s avant-garde composer John King’s Lite and self-founded instrumental postrock band Starfield Season. Few releases and playing at international festivals later, he decided to change his guitar for a photo camera leaving the music scene behind to start exploring the world.

“My camera became a new instrument to express myself and the many beautiful things I was lucky to witness over the last decade. As long as I can feel the blues in my pictures I know I’m on the right track.”

Kim continues to travel extensively to capture the many natural wonders of the world. Over the last years he has been sharing his passion for photography with several photographers from all over the world in his worldwide offered workshops & photo travels.

“Just like I did as a musician before, I developed my own style and techniques and love to share them with people that have the same passion for nature.”

Kim’s work has been published in several international magazines and can be found in galleries, private & corporate collections worldwide.

His Facebook page shows you recently added new work as well.